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Real Life Photography

Sunrise Dominican Republic. 3 split  Acrylic glass panels  each 12 X 18.

Outdoor Photography

My pleasure is taking photos that represent how your eyes vividly see the outdoors. 

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Mackinac Island off of UPI Michigan

My Story

Much of what’s good in life is fleeting…childhood, special moments, celebrations, relationships, even the beauty of nature.  I have loved photography since I was in college, largely for this reason.  With photographs, I find that I can freeze a baseball in mid-flight, capture a beautiful flower blossoming at its peak, catch a special look on a baby’s face, preserve the memory of a wedding and so much more.

I  have been taking photographs for more than 25 years.  When I first started, I relished the suspense of turning in a film canister to the developer, not knowing whether or not the exact shot that I wanted was captured until I picked up the final prints.  Because of technology and digital cameras becoming the norm,  I’ve replaced that anticipation with the instant gratification of being able to view my shots right away.  And, if it’s not quite right, I love having the ability to redo the shots as many times as I’d like.

 I challenge my skills by giving myself assignments…a bucket list of, people, places and events that I’d like to photograph.  As an avid traveler, I carefully research my destinations so that I can plan what to photograph and the best circumstances in which to shoot them.  I envision what I want to capture and then shoot. Most of all what I love is the magic of photos.

I see  something, say ‘wow’ and capture it.